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aimsweb User's Group - Back to School Edition - September 20, 2017


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[fa icon="plus-square"] User's Group Q&A

Q: so if they are different how do we know which one our school has access to/is the login the same?

A: Identify your aimsweb version based on your login page.

aimsweb 1.0 aimsweb1.0_logo.jpg  aimsweb 2.0 aimsweb_2.0.png  aimswebPlus aimswebPlus_CMYK_Reg.png
aimsweb1.0Login.png aimsweb2.0Login.png aimswebPlusLogin.png


Q: How do I get to the help file?

A: Depending on your version:

aimsweb 1.0 aimsweb1.0_logo.jpg  aimsweb 2.0 aimsweb_2.0.png  aimswebPlus aimswebPlus_CMYK_Reg.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 4.12.26 PM Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 4.15.18 PM Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 4.09.49 PM


Q: The previous AIMs system allowed us to sort scores by accuracy. Is there any way to easily see accuracy and sort accordingly?

A: Accuracy is reported on the print version of the Benchmark Comparison report. It is not sortable by accuracy rate since this report is ordered by high to low composite scores. 

Q: the adminstration gude changed this fall but we didn't get an alert about that...why?

A: The Release 13.0 notes were included in the Help File and reference was made to it with a popup upon logging in.  

Q: The kindergarten fall schedule included LWSF this time ...why?

A: This was enhanced to make sure that composite scores and the measures that are required for composite are consistent across the school year. There was a lot of confusion around this last year and this was updated due to customer feedback.

Q: Can you explain why the composite score for 1st grade is the same as the ORF score????

A: The research related to this topic found that ORF in itself at this grade level was just as predictive as a combination of additional measures. The idea is to get the most information you need with less requirements.

Q: I have a blank screen when I click on the "How Can We Help?" button. Is there something I may be missing? Thanks!

A: I would try to clear your cache.  

Q: So, the Survey Assessments are done with a random sampling of probes?

A: Yes they are a random sampling of probes. You will want to have the full set of progress monitoring probes available.

Q: Are there videos which review and walk folks through reading and interpreting reports?

A: Yes. We have some previously recorded webinars within the Teacher Tutorials Webinar folder.

Q: Where did AIMsplus come up with the new benchmark scores for ORF?

A: The national norms on all aimswebPlus measures were completed during the 2013-14 school year. There was a reprsentative same of students based on US Census data. The norms included over 16,000 students. More information can be found in the Technical Manual within the Help File.

Q: How are the screenings decided for the different grades? Is there research to support giving ORF in the fall with 1st grade?

A: The recommended and available measures are based both on current standards that students work on at these grade levels as well as best practice in relation to typical skills that are developing at these grade levels.


aimsweb User's Group #2 - June 13, 2017

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Topics covered:
Upcoming aimswebPlus system changes
New Teacher Webinar Series
How to prepare your data for back to school


aimsweb User's Group #1 - May 25, 2017

User question responses: click here to download the document

Topics covered:
How to prepare your data for end of year
Reports and preparing for back to school



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